Campaign Introduction

With the return of the Shade Enclave saw the rebirth of the ancient Netheril Empire where once a desolate desert existed the instead the Shadovar find new purpose and hunger to attain their rightful position as overlords of magic and all matters of state after having been self exiled in the Shadowfell for centuries they return more confident, and more powerful then when they left, escaping The Ancient Netheril Empire's demise.

The lands bordering Netheril and the civilized peoples of the west cast a wary glance as the Kingdom of Shade extends its influence in their direction and sets its sights on the all the minor and major powers in the region(s), bordering the once desolate and now verdant land, know as the Desert of Anauroch. 

The independent Eladrin city of Evereska still stands rising to oppose any expansion further by the Netherese as a representative of good in the region… other powers not so benign though still remember the relatively recent actions of the Netherese and do not plan to miss out on a piece of the prize that can be gained by conquest.

But for every plot weaved and nurtured by the Shadovar their enemies find ways to swing back the Scales of Fortune onto themselves – who wins, who loses and what compromises are made all depend on a group of individuals who have come together as friends and companions.

This Forgotten Realms (FR) Campaign begins and follows the official events, personalities, lands, organizations, etc located in the FR4e setting and also includes content which draws upon the previous FR history 3rd and 2nd editions, events and locals but also takes into account the Spellplague and all the changes that were wrought over land and beast on the world of Toril. at the death of the God Mystra. 

Some events that have happened in FR inspired novels over the years might be used, but I do not know what material will be supported out of those stories.  

You can expect the divine will play a overarching role in the campaign with mortals having to shoulder the brunt of misery – will your characters try to alter the course of events so even the Gods themselves have to consider the characters in plans set in motion a century ago or will the Gods be reminded by the characters that all of the Gods of the Realms have an obligation to their roles and that alone; handed down from Lord Ao in the beginning. Whos character(s) sub comes to there own moral weaknesses; developing their own aspirations and ambitions over that which is Right and Just, whether willful or not.

Flavor & House Rules

All published offical 4e supplments and core material is supported in this campaign including content from DDi and DDi Dragon magazine.  Previous historical events coincide with the content from the published Grand History of the Realms.  While all published material is open in this campaign I do restrict the flavor of content to match that of the 3.5 Forgotten Realms and the 4e Forgotten Realms which trumps anything what was written for the purposes of providing the masses with a generic campaign which was designed to be campaign neutral.

Of Shadows & Ambitions - 4e FR